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Deer Creek Water Association's primary source of water comes from the Deer Creek aquifer, via two wells located just east of Guide Meridian, along East Smith Road.

After being chlorinated, the water enters a manganese treatment plant to remove 100% of the manganese present in the groundwater. From there the water is pumped into our distribution system and made available to each customer via radio-read meters.

Deer Creek has an emergency intertie (back-up water source) with the City of Bellingham, and we are currently working with other neighboring water associations to develop additional interties.

Some Deer Creek residents receive water purchased from the City of Bellingham, whose water source is Lake Whatcom. These residents receive an annual Water Quality Report from the City of Bellingham, along with a water quality attachment from Deer Creek.​

Each customer is allocated 650 gallons of water per day. When our members remain within their water share, this enables us to sell more shares, resulting in lower costs by spreading out the expenses across a larger customer base.

Glasses of Water
Source & Treatment
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Service Area


Located just north of the City of Bellingham, Washington, Deer Creek Water Association provides water connections in two service areas:

  • Along roughly 4 miles of Guide Meridian (State Highway 539), which runs north from Bellingham; and

  • Along Smith Road which runs east/west, crossing Guide Meridian 1.5 miles north of Bellingham.


If you need to know if your property is near our water mains, and whether we can provide you with water, just give us a call at 360.820.4314.

Service Area


There are two? three? ways to pay your bill:

US Postal Mail:

Deer Creek Water Association

PO Box 30230

Bellingham, WA 98228



Online Payment Portal:

Click Here to Pay
Pay Your Bill


Keeping our water safe is a two way street. If you have any of the items listed below on your property, we rely on you to protect those connections with a backflow prevention device in order to avoid cross-connection to the water supply.

  • Fire Sprinkler system

  • Lawn irrigation system

  • Water makeup lines (supplying a boiler or hydronic heating)

  • Swimming pool*

  • Hot tub / jacuzzi tub*

  • Decorative pond or fountain*

*If connected directly to your water line

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A cross-connection is a point in a plumbing system where it is possible for a non-potable substance to come into contact with the potable drinking water supply. For homeowners, these commonly include irrigation systems, private fire sprinkler systems, boiler systems, and pool or pond equipment.


If you are an existing backflow customer, make sure your information is up to date for receiving reminders, and schedule your annual test in advance.  If you have questions, or need a list of registered testers, call us at 360-820-4314.

Backflow and Cross-Connction Control
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