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Deer Creek Water Association was founded in 1973 to provide safe and reliable potable water to residences and businesses in Whatcom County, Washington, just north of the City of Bellingham.

As a private, non-profit "Group A" Water Association, we are governed by member-elected Directors who oversee and maintain bylaws that govern our operation. We are equal to both Special Purpose Water Districts and City-owned water utilities in that we must follow the same rules for water testing, system construction standards, system maintenance, and proactive planning through the development of a comprehensive Water System Plan that must be prepared every ten years and approved by Washington state's Department of Health.

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Douglas Wittinger

Business Manager

Board Secretary/Treasurer

(through his company, Utility Management and Consulting, LLC)

Gene Kirner

Operations Manager
dba Water Association Services



Our Board of Directors are members of the association who have been elected by members of the association for a three year term. They are responsible for setting or resetting membership fees, approving membership applications, and granting permission for the connection of properties to the system.


Learn more about their specific duties in our Bylaws >

Vaughn Hagen


Appointed May 21, 2009

Dave Black

Vice President
Appointed August 1, 2007


Leroy Rohde


Appointed August 15. 2005

Darla Norman

Appointed June 1, 2016

Paul Jordan

Appointed January 20, 2020

Board of Directors
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